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>>>>> Gabriel Pessoto

Gabriel Pessoto (@gabriel_pessoto)

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Gabriel Pessoto was born in 1993 in Jundiaí. He studied Audiovisual Production (PUCRS) and started a Visual Arts BA (UFRGS). Starting in 2015, he began participating in group exhibitions and occupied Galeria Lunara, where he set the installation “Glória” in collaboration with Filipe Rossato (nominated for the Açorianos Visual Arts Award in the category in New Media Highlights category).

01. Gabriel Pessoto, sou só um brinquedo, 2021.jpg
02. Gabriel Pessoto, sou só um brinquedo, 2021 (detalhe).jpg
03. Gabriel Pessoto, sou só um brinquedo, 2021 (detalhe).jpg

sou só um brinquedo (I'm just a toy), 2021

From the 'Ponto-cruz' (Cross-stitch) series 
Coloured pencil on paper 
49x49cm each (dyptich)

08. Gabriel Pessoto, Série _ponto-cruz_.jpg

In 2016, he presented the exhibition “Trégua” (Truce), his first solo experience, and developed the artistic residency project “Variações sobre contacto: vista” (Variations on contact: sight) at Casa13, a cultural space in Córdoba, Argentina. Since 2017, he has lived in São Paulo, where he attended the Hermes Artes Visuais art project follow-up group. In 2018, he held his first solo exhibition in São Paulo, "um pouco por dia é muito" (a little a day is a lot), at the Casa da Luz cultural center.

Untitled, 2019

From the 'Ponto-cruz' (Cross-stitch) series

Crayon on paper


In 2020, Pessoto participated in the residency program "Temos Vagas!" from Ateliê397, was selected for the MARP Project Season and was awarded by ArtConnect Magazine for the project "trocando figurinhas" (trading cards) developed in partnership with Nicole Kouts. In 2021, he presented the exhibition "Ambiente Moderno" at the Fundação Ecarta Gallery in Porto Alegre. He also works as a producer on the video show Festivau de C4nn3$.

07. Gabriel Pessoto_conteúdo delicado_detalhe.jpg
06. Gabriel Pessoto_conteúdo delicado (2020).jpg

conteúdo delicado (delicate content), 2020

Crayon and coloured pencil on paper


05. Gabriel Pessoto_Captura de tela, 2021 (detalhe).jpg

Captura de Tela 2021-02-04 às 19.21.54 (Screen Capture 2021-02-04 at 19.21.54), 2021

From the 'contra-imagem decorativa.' series

Stitching/tapestry, 92,5x130cm

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