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Metatopia - Hybrid Spaces is a collaborative exhibition dedicated to the creation, criticism and show hybrid architecture, eletronical arts, mixed realities and locative media. In partnership with The Wrong Biennale, Metatopia will promote weekly conversations and publications with artists and guests, throughout the period of the biennial, which runs from the first of 2021 November 1st to 2022 May 1st.

Artists, critics, architects, curatorship, researchers in general are welcome to propose and collaborate with: digital art, texts, curators, prototypes, humor, talks, post irony, performances, actions, lives, virtual parties, 3D models, games , Ar and Vr, locative media, codes, programs, applications, experimental prototypes, image technologies, hyperfictions, audiovisual experiences, nanosatellites, poems, cubesats, cyberspace utopias and metatopias and all kinds of applied intelligence for the autonomy and freedom of collective intelligence in networks, in order to think of new ways of occupying and creatively inhabiting these collective networks.


Created and curated by Luciana de Paula Santos at Aisthesis Studio

Guest Curators: Tassia MilaAlice Granada

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