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>>>>> Emotion.Engine_

The Sims 2 running on a circuit-bent PS2

Emotion.Engine_ (@lofi_future)


Emotion.Engine_ is founder of LoFi Future and an artist / designer specialising in hardware based video processing and manipulation from the northwest UK. He describes himself as having "somewhat of an obsession with modifying consumer electronics. Taking things and pretty much "breaking" them in a non-destructive way would be the best way to explain it."

LSD: Dream Emulator running on a circuit-bent PS2

"I find the technical process involved while building this equipment can be just as artistic as the visual output they create. I do not have any formal education in Art, Design or Electronics. Instead I learn everything by reading textbooks, data sheets, service manuals and by lots of trial and error."

The Sims 2 running on a circuit-bent PS2

"I like to encourage anyone to get into electronics and write tutorials in the hopes of making these methods of video processing and creation more accessible."

The artist has published several tutorials on how to disrupt circuits and create glitch art on the hardware level both on his YouTube channel as well as his website.

CAUTION: SEAMAN running on a circuit-bent PS2

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