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Transcuradoria: Mîmxox Eoató_

Presente ancestral indígena [Indigenous ancestral present], publication nº 1 of mîmxox eoató, 'spear in red', in the Patxohã-Maxacali language, sought to present contemporary indigenous artists and communicators, who transit in the occupation of digital spaces and social media as forms of mediation, conversation, activism and to show off your creations.
Through art, we indigenous people of different branches, peoples, with their different histories, each in their own way, in this Pindorama territory, where Brazil was invented, cross each other and make a chorus, a song, a scream, a noise, a protest and with our images, with our movements, around a big bonfire that lights in our hearts, we dance for the ancestors of yesterday, today and tomorrow, for the right to life and land. Life flows, the river flows, the sky rises and the earth woven for the foot firmness. We thank all the artists present in this publication, for their availability, exchange and sharing of experiences.


Tassia Mila | Curadoria e Montagem

"I am a sound composer and visual artist, a weaver - I make hand-knitted garments - and an experimental artist with the body, voice and other media, supporting transmission lines for the transit of sounds, images, voices, music and atmospheres. I compose sound and visual books, sonic tales, imaginations, vignettes, video art, experimental films;

I research the practice of experimental cinema and the survival of images, their presence, appearances, persistence and movement in the fabric of the temporal, which transit along the cosmology of my indigenous ancestry, generational transmissions and the cosmovision of Jurema and the Catimbó culture. I was born and raised in Jequié-Bahia. My entire family comes from the rural region of the city of Maracás, in Bahia, and my paternal family is all Pataxó-Tupi indigenous, and part of the Kiriri maternal family.​ I currently live in São Paulo capital."




Pepyaká Krikati, Duhisió, Ziel Karapotó, Uýra, Marilyn Boror Bor, Yaku Runa Simi, Richard Wera Mirim, Ray Pará Poty, Tataendy Kaamutá Tupinambá, Amanda Îaûara Ka'aeté, Ellen Lima, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Isaak Pataxó, Hortência Sant'Ana, Isadora Kerexu, Thaysa Aussuba, Gabriela Correia Cardoso, Tassia Mila, Douglas Miles, Edgar Kanaykõ, Bepunu Mebengôkre, Daniel Munduruku, Vitor Tuxá.

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