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Tassia Mila_

Tassia Camila Novaes Raimundo | Pataxó Kiriri de Jequié - Bahia| Brazil

"I am a sound composer and visual artist, a weaver - I make hand-knitted garments - and an experimental artist with the body, voice and other media, supporting transmission lines for the transit of sounds, images, voices, music and atmospheres.

I compose sound and visual books, sonic tales, imaginations, vignettes, video art, experimental films;

I research the practice of experimental cinema and the survival of images, their presence, appearances, persistence and movement in the fabric of the temporal, which transit along the cosmology of my indigenous ancestry, generational transmissions and the cosmovision of Jurema and the Catimbó culture. I was born and raised in Jequié-Bahia. My entire family comes from the rural region of the city of Maracás, in Bahia, and my paternal family is all Pataxó-Tupi indigenous, and part of the Kiriri maternal family.​ I currently live in São Paulo capital."



Cântico das águas | 2021 | videoart

Sound and visual piece, a short film: 00:02:59: the image of a waterfall mixed with the sound of a song from my composition.
With this piece, I want to activate the sense that nature and its waters are channels of connections with the creative force.

Song of the waters is part of the concept I called Overflow Lines.

Overflow lines

1. The concept of the Overflow Lines came about in 2010 during a storm that caused several people to camp together under a large blue canvas tent. There was little space between one person and another in this camp that I called: the moving space of war-peace.
2. Because the terrain of the blue tent, which sheltered everyone, was quite steep, some people who took care of the tent began to dig cracks in the ground, creating channels through which rainwater could flow through the water in this way. it would not overflow into the big tent.
3. That's when it occurred to me to think of overflow lines.
4. I thought that overflowing needs lines to give it vent.
5. I thought about nature.
6. In nature, overflow lines can be thought of as the happening of a river.
7. Rivers are the lines that generate and cut a territory and allow it to overflow. Thus, paths are created and opened. Rivers are actively connected to everyday life, providing water for the most diverse vital needs.
8. Rivers flow into seas and oceans.
9. The level of seas and oceans is balanced by the flow of life in rivers. Rain cycles become rhythmic with the set of acting forces that sustain nature. Rivers are power lines of nature and what occurs to me to call Overflow Lines.
10. The waterfalls.
11. Waterfalls are like the intimate meeting points of a river with rocks, caves and mysteries. The depths.
12. In a waterfall, there is an energy spike, generated by the movement of the waterfall, capable of activating creative senses.

Como que papéis de carta - Tramas | 2021 | Digital Image

A digital collage, a montage of variations of an image. Variations that can be combined as you wish. The piece presented is a possibility of montage, a visual metaphor of a fabric, like conversations, which over time, create cultures and history.
This montage was created this year, 2021, from some of the more than 300 variations I've been making of this image since 2014.

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