Luciana de Paula Santos_

architect, artist, curator | Brasil

​Hello! If you are here, you may be looking for more specific information. My name is Luciana de Paula Santos, I have a degree in architecture and urbanism from UNESP, I studied postgraduate degree in Technological Aesthetics at PUC-SP and have a Master of Sciences degree in architecture at FAU-USP. I am architect, transmedia artist and curator on Aisthesis Studio and participated in  exhibitions, festivals and biennials in Brazil and abroad. I develop transmedia art projects on the following thematic axes: technological aesthetics of hybrid spaces, networked urbanism, wearables for the body-city, studies and etnography on the mass production of network subjectivity [big data decolonization]. In 2020 I created the urbanism collective GO: a connective of urban planners dedicated to the research, produce and publish tactical, locative and emergential media to producing new ways of inhabiting a collapsing world (anthropocene). In this site I publicize a little more my production, research and writing.
I am also Pedro's mother and human of three cats: Chaskibum, Birosquinha and veteran Manuela. I'm not sure how it happens, but I can still open a gap in the space-time fabric to play, dance, play the cello, chat and procrastinate a little.
Welcome =)