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Fabiola Larios

Fabiola Larios | EUA

Fabiola Larios is a new media artist, her work addresses the concepts of identity, vulnerability and the representation of the self on the Internet. Through the use of machine learning, she works with the extraction of information and images from the internet, using and manipulating facial recognition to address issues such as the selfie, the internet persona, avatars and surveillance capitalism.


The retro of the future | 2022 | Generative Adversarial Networks

The work is a machine learning model trained in hundreds of images of retro-futuristic buildings, soviet architecture, and apartment buildings from Hong Kong. Fabiola plays with the latent space between the buildings adding baroque architecture golden details, building a baroque retro-futuristic architecture oscillating between structures depicting an alternative world where these buildings do exist.

*obs.: Fabiola Larios  also participate in  partnership in this IA work;

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