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Malitzin Cortes & Ivan Abreu

Malitzin Cortes & Ivan Abreu | EUA-México

Malitzin Cortes (CNDSD). Musician, Digital Artist, Creative Technologist. Her work is developed between live coding, live cinema, installation, Virtual Reality, creative coding, sound design, experimental music and sound art. She is a professor and researcher at CENTRO University: design, film and television in the field of creative code, STEAM and new sound and immersive technologies, in 2020 she received the Latin American Virtual Reality Award “Realmix” with the immersive piece “Hyper_D”.

Ivan Abreu is an audiovisual artist and creative technologist working and residing in Mexico City. He explores a wide range of media such as digital graphics, electronic devices and software.


Intermediate finishes - Obra negra AUTO() construction serie | 2022 | Artificial Inteligence
Artists: Malitzin Cortes & Ivan Abreu, Gan Developer: Fabiola Larios
AUTO{}Construccion (* selfbuilding on english) is a narrative for live coding concert and VR experience that takes as investigation phenomena of the housing planned and executed by “non-architects” mainly in Mexico, Latin America, Asia and some periph-eries in Europe, the concert crosses different scenarios and images of this phenomenon thought from the algorithms and the collaboration with the computer. Through an analysis of images of this phenomenon that is observed in our city , Mexico City and especially in its borders (State of Mexico) the ques-tion arose and the desire to explore, decipher and interpret, the various “architectural” typologies in regard to decisions of “free design” observed in the greatest number of cases, the decisions of logic geometry, colors and materials also the perpetuity of a continuous and unfinished con-struction, that is, houses that are inhabited without even being finished.


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