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Loveletter.exe | Internet based

Loveletter.exe is a virus attached as a love letter in emails that was spread around the world in a few minutes in the 2000s and today lives spread across the networks. 


Imaginary Cities | 2021 | digital image

Series of studies on the topology of screens.

Grau Zero da Imagem | 2022| open movie

Grau Zero da Imagem is a film in process, which talks about the process of building our gaze in the midst of transition from a disciplinary society to a society of control. Based on Hito Steyerl's Poor Image, this film goes against the grain of the techno-scientific discourse of high technological resolution and looks for poetic gaps, errors, glitches, the "dirty image" and decolonial processes that escape the pure technique that shapes our view of technoscientific societies.

Facial Recognition | 2017 - 2019 | Network Performance and Etnography 
Facial recognition is a network performance performed with multiple users of social networks, which intends and questions the application of massive facial recognition devices.
Upon entering the stock exchange in 2010, facebook implemented a series of identity recognition and validation devices, reaching massive levels of access and exchange of private data of its users.
The first stage of this performance consisted of capturing public images of network users, transforming its original function of user recognition and validation. Generating the tension between the public and private environment of each image that was published on the net.
The second stage works on Reverse Engineering on the forms of errors in facial identification, exploring the flaws of the recognition system using false models, mannequins, masks, makeup inducing Facebook's facial recognition algorithms to error; Algorithms use normative identification models such as white faces, some algorithms identify luminosity fields by refusing black faces, for example.
The third and final stage Rostidade Zero consists of studies of the face as a form of socialization in a network and the standardization of forms of capture with filters and selfies. This study produced a series of masks and face deformations, making facial recognition impossible.


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