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Júlia Rocha_

Julia Rocha | Brazil

rock júlia works in dance, writing and performance processes. It has managed, since 2014, to keep the seal/publisher É Selo de Língua, with Gustavo Galo, on. She has a degree in Communication of the Arts of the Body, PUC-SP and is studying for a master's degree in Visual Poetics at ECA-USP. It has no website; some of her projects can be followed in instagram posts and until January 31 she performs a "call piece", made in a call via whatsapp. To receive, write to



Cagando e Compartilhando | 2021

The artist's best seller, "Shitting and Sharing", surpassed the average views of her profile. Was held during the morning poop, as Julia went through Instagram stories and posts, she translated compulsive sharing into affirmation. Julia shares that she is sharing what she is going to share.

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