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Jonas Esteves_

Jonas Esteves | Brazil

A self-taught programmer and hacker, he seeks to distort technology in order to use it with another functionality, escaping the current accelerationism of the devices that surround us. Such experience does not only establish another look at the devices, it expands as its reflections also establish another look at the environment in which we live, whether in the city or in the countryside, the latter establishing itself as the environment of his research where, through prosthetics seeks to amplify the senses or enlarge the body. He believes that his work is based on an affective relationship, whether in drawing, disassembling objects in order to find out how they work or with the passage of time.


Maquina Sensível | 2018-2020 

Sensitive Machine is a project that proposes to rethink the use of technology next to the body, reflecting on other modes of enjoyment in different landscapes (thinking about the urban context and nature) through wearable devices, wearables. The project currently has two works, X-plorer Backpack to help the explorer and the work Parasite Virus. The X-plorer consists of a wearable that seeks to expand our field of perception together with the body. For this, the wearable has air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, altitude sensors that, from the data collection, reverberate in the body the resulting variations of these sensors through vibration, light and sound effects engines. The Parasite Virus consists of a device that carries a fictitious virus that, when attached to the body, uses its user's data for its survival, and for its development it uses the likes of a social network. In the Sensitive Machine project, the X-plorer and Parasite Virus start to work in full, providing an experience in the user's body. To learn more about the project visit:

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