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Guaraci Nanferdes Merlhieg_

Guaraci Nanferdes Merlhieg_ Brasil


Bio testimonial: Guilherme Fernandes Garcia
Clarity and objectivity are not even charitable traits of my personality or writing. However, let's go! It was produced in the Manaus Free Trade Zone in 1975, in the last century. Half Jew and half Gypsy, I lived from Rio Grande do Sul to São Paulo, passing through Congo, France, Switzerland, Portugal and very recently through several Latin American countries; in almost two years of backpacking… After practically more than 44 years, I'm up here on this platform and like Pedro Rubro, Kafka's talking monkey, I'm encouraged to type some characters about my persona. I think I have character and characters enough for that, but objectivity and clarity… I'm obscure by nature! Eternal graduating student, endemic to letters, of the French bachelor's degree with an emphasis on Literary Theory; I am deformed by FALE-UFMG. In my mishap, I also walked through rooms and corridors of the School of Fine Arts, where I studied, among other studies related to conservation, those of: History of the Book and Preventive Conservation of Contemporary Art. I write from an early age. From the age of seven to eight I 'published' my first works in São Paulo through Ed. Atelier, a fake publishing house in which my father, a former bookseller whose grace and memory today name a small public library in the city of Formiga-MG, and my older brother, 'plastic and paper artist', writer of children's books and illustrator of everything. They also printed the volumes: As Histórias Que Guilherme Contava, O Elefante & o Rato and finally; what was left only in the doll: The Diabetic Hummingbird & other tales, this one from eleven to twelve years old. I have been working with cultural production, editing, exhibition monitoring, as a gallery owner and dealer, with book distributors and second-hand bookstores in places like Palácio Das Artes/Bhz – in exhibitions such as: American Graffitti (Basquiat, Futura 2000, Crash…), O Brasil and the Dutch (Franz Post and Albert Eckout), Artur Bárrio, Centro Cultural da UFMG (ZIP- Zone of poetic intervention with Ricardo Aleixo and Renato Negrão, great poet and friend of the Soma Therapy and Poesia é um Saco!), Sebo-Livraria Vaca de Letras (Formiga-MG), distributed by publishers AGIR, Nau and 34. I was a librarian for the Libertarian Punk Movement here in Belo Horizonte, I also worked at the Cultural Action Directorate of UFMG (Winter Festivals), Fórum Bhz Vídeo , screened at Cine Imaginário Banco Nacional de Cinema, I gave and received typography classes from master typographers at Atelier Memória Gráfica (a project within a penal institution for minors at social risk) and in the distant past, in 94 and started, in the B.H.R.I.F. Belo Horizonte Rock Independent Festival, as a performer of the cult hard-core oldschool trio FUGAZI! I was also a member of the Cultural Council – Curatorial of the Aliança Francesa de Belo Horizonte for more than four years, leading the jury of literary competitions promoted by the institution, exhibitions with artists such as: João Maciel, Miguel Gontijo, Rodolphe Huguet, Marc Riboud , Tatiana Cavinato, Michele Brant & many others. I have a short story, some Lambe Lambes published by the virtual magazine R.NOTT, texts published by the southern collective called MALDOHORROR and visual poems by THE WRONG_Art Digital Bienalle...
I write because I must and nothing else. I write because I owe nothing to anyone, or perhaps I could say that I write about and always with the thought of the beyond, nowhere, in nothingness, in the categories of the negative, the absurd, abjectionism, decadentism, penumbrism, bestialogy, in nonsense, in surrealism, in pataphysics and in dada… Maybe this is my ABC(s) after all.


Untitled visual poems


Insano 1 | 2010 | videopoem

produccion: Marina DEE

Som | 2021 | videopoem

feat. Fabiano Fonseca was born and raised in a mysterious valley between mountains.
At age 11, on vacation with his family, he went out to buy a popsicle and came back empty-handed. He didn't know how to use the money. He only knew the names of trees, birdsong, and river paths. He studied to learn drawing, while making music out of intuition. Today they call him a multidisciplinary artist. He sings, writes and draws seeds. @amateuur.

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