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Clear Shadow_

Clear Shadow | France

Clear Shadows is concerned by troubles caused by digital manipulation, digital addictions, lack of tech for good, profit unsharing, automation and impact on our life and bodies. To better understand Clear Shadows project and source of inspiration : @digital_conception @automatization_of_life @the_darker_is_the_worst @tech_for_good_activist @anti_gafam @digital_addiction @0_and_1_digits @creative_chance @data_origination @algorithms_and_formulas @chemical_process @brownian_movement @microscopic_world @world_of_anonymous @passivity_and_manipulation @continuous_cycles @tears_and_water @induced_feelings @turning_around @unvisible


Social drops | 2021 

Tear drops & rain x Main social rewards x flash Social reward is one of the main engine propulsing social networks growth. People addiction come partly from the dopamine shot they receive when they are publicly congratulated. social studies show that around one tier of teenagers may feel depressed having checking their social network flows 


Small Lies| 2021 

Tech leader opinions about their role in the society 


Lacrima Rea | 2021 

Microscopic Lacrima x Coins shape x Rain / Tears Social networks generate a lot of cash for their owners, but most of the time a lot of sadness for the end users. Like a kind of Modern Times spiral, the lacrima are turning around and around, before coming back to the same departure position. Scientific studies observed that each microscopic view of a lacrima has specific forms depending on the cause of the tears.


Gluetton | 2021 

Mobile notification x Artist hands while scrolling Like a monster the glutton awakes once notifications accelerate


I hate you | 2021 

Main hatred sentences x storm Social networks are one of the main place to express for haters


Nomophobia Tears | 2021 

Rain drops x Aspiration x Anxiety breath Nomophobia is a kind of fear of being separated from its mobile phone.


Ice Flows | 2021 

Ice flow x Selection of top tech leaders mantras Tech worldwide community and innovative leaders are raising start-up founders with entrepreneurial & success mantras. These entrepreneurs continue this job indefinitely. The process seems like for ice flows totally irreversible.

Dopabomb | 2021 

Dopamine microscopic motion x Bomb far explosions Dopamine is the key substance that the psychlogist & user experience leaders employed by Techs Companies, try to generate is our social network users bodies. A shot of Dopamine may be secreted each time social rewards are activated.

Techs are burning | 2021 

Top web & innovation technologies x Synthetic russian voice x Fire burning Each web technology since more than 20 years is marketed like the next hot big thing and disruption, in a non virtuous cycle where people are just considered as users and they may do not understand that they are the product, or worst the main source of enrichment of these people pushing hardly for a speed techno adoption.


Bubbles | 2021 

Deep diving x mobile notification x Gun shot Bubbles tries to go back to surface to get oxygene once mobile notifications burst, whereas the scene is going deeper and deeper and may accelerate till transforming into a gun shot.


Fomouse | 2021 

Social network scrolling x notifications x anxiety breath Social crawling and Fomo (fear of missing out) may generate anxiety for most of social network addicts.


Twalks Stangers | 2021 

walks on several substances x Brownian motion This video is inspired by the anonymity found in social networks and lonelyness, where each element is vibrating but do not move from its place, without interaction with each others.

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