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BSBLOrk - Orquestra de Laptops de Brasília 

Retrospectiva em homenagem aos 10 anos da BSBLOrk

BSBLOrk - Orquestra de Laptops de Brasília
in honor of its 10 years of existence

BSBLOrk - Orquestra de Laptops de Brasília is an experimental interactive algorithmic music collective, inspired by innovations in the format of computational music performance, initially by the use of individual acousmatic amplification, when playing using multichannel hemispheres, now incorporating intercontinental teleperformance via network live. streaming and Artificial Intelligence agents.
Since its foundation in 2012, at the 11th. edition of UnB's "Tubo de Ensaios" festival, the orchestra proposes to integrate the human body in movement to the production of sounds and images directly derived from it, as a means of carrying out ecosophical works that emphasize respect for the environment, awareness for the human development as freedom and social inclusion.


orquestra de laptops eufrasioprates.png

Poetic Principles
The aesthetic starting point of BSBLOrk's works, inspired by composers such as H.-J. Koellreutter and Conrado Silva, has been the critical questioning and broadening of horizons of musical languages ​​and techniques, integrated with dance, dramatic, visual and performance arts, seeking to experience truly contemporary creative processes, in the sense of the collaborative construction of a systemic view of the world. , holonomic and fractal. For the orchestra it is not enough to say new things, but to find new ways of saying it, which only poetic language allows from the semiotic opening to the unpredictable of hybrid, interactive and transmedia processes of free improvisation, now also assisted by artificially augmented intelligence. , the notions of complexity, relativity, acausality, ametry, paradox, randomness, complementarity, timelessness, syneresis, multidimensionality, gestalt, non-linearity, entropy, chaos, fractals and holonomy, among others, appear in their dialogical experimental practices.

Integration of BSBLOrk to the dance collective Corpo Baletroacústico
From the beginning, the orchestra was conceived by Eufrasio Prates, a Bachelor of Music and a Doctor of Art, to also work together with the experimental dance group Corpo Baletroacoustico, coordinated by Cínthia Nepomuceno, graduated in Dance from Unicamp, PhD in Art from UnB and dance teacher at the IFB - Instituto Federal de Brasília, in partnership with Prates.
technological resources. BSBLOrk values ​​the use of computational technological resources as a method of expanding the expressive capabilities of music, although it is concerned with keeping them in the same valuable, albeit intermediate, place as any other musical instrument. For this reason, it prioritizes techniques and means that respond well to the organicity of the human body in expressive movement, as performed by the HITS Holofractal Interactive Sound and Image Transduction system, free musical software, open and free code developed by Prates, founder and conductor of orchestra, in his doctorate. Such resources offer unprecedented possibilities of creation and walk in an integrated way with the poetic concepts of a new paradigm, seeking a quantum leap for musical interpretation and aesthetic expression.
In order to transform the computer into a musical instrument of organic expressiveness, BSBLOrk invests in the use of generative algorithmic techniques for translating body movement captured by webcam into fractal sounds, in addition to using amplified hemispheres, which give a focal aura similar to that of an instrument. acoustic

From the beginning, the musical collective BSBLOrk has received significant public, media and institutional recognition. So much so that, in its first year of activity, the orchestra received an award in the national competition Coletividea, sponsored by the MinC, for producing a video-documentary of one of its performances with the Corpo Baletroacoustico de Brasília, in addition to obtaining a full-page article in Correio Braziliense. (2012), in Metrópoles (2015 and 2017), to be cited in O Globo and in the Global Ear section of "The Wire" Magazine (UK, Jan/2019), the largest music magazine in the world (with more than 1 million of subscribers), among other communication vehicles. Over the almost 10 years of its existence, this recognition also appears in the invitation to participate in dozens of artistic and scientific events, most of them available on its YouTube channel, in addition to several articles , master's and doctoral theses, having been cited in the book by Eldad Tsabary, researcher in electroacoustic music at Concordia University (Canada), on the main laptop orchestras in the world and their working methodologies. uestra incorporated the participation of international guests and participated in major events such as the "Network Music Festival 2020" (London/UK), the "Emergent Behavior" Festival (Tel Aviv/Israel), the TransNodal Live Coding Festival (Hamburg/Germany ) and the Exhibition EmMeio#13 (València/Spain).

Group Technical Sheet
Musical direction and regency: Eufrasio Prates
Musicians: Anesio Azevedo (Stellatum_), Eduardo Kolody, Elias Nascimento Filho, Eufrasio Prates (euFraktus X), Joenio Costa (djalgoritmo), Jackson Marinho, Philip Jones (Mentufacturer), Victor Hugo A. Araujo (Lowbin).
Visual programming and lighting: Eufrasio Prates and Jackson Marinho.
Special Guest: Bryan Day.
Contact: 55(61)98151-9100

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