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Årad Kylsjhu_

Årad Kylsjhu_ Brazil


Årad Kylsjhu, also known as @_4.7_4.77777 is a non-binary multimedia artist who blends physical and virtual neosensory experiences while exploring concepts such as the future, speculative design, obsolescence (discard and materials), science, gender and identity through manipulation of image, sound and 3D art. The artist has a postgraduate degree in Digital Technologies Development and also works as a web designer.



Colecionados de moedas visita deserto de concreto | 2021 | videoart, 3D

The work mixes time travel with the return of memories; transit environments of an almost erased past, or frequent its uncertain future. Coins, a decadent symbol due to the virtualization of monetization and also an element that indicates great social inequality, are taken as an object of search for a fetishistic pleasure.
Authorial work built from 3D modeling, animation and special effects software, as well as video editing and sound production learned in a self-taught way by the artist.

I’ve been wrestling with obsessive thoughts. Help me. Break it. Make me cum | 2021 | animation, videoart, 3D

Concept, development 3D e animation by Arad. Soundtrack by LEVI ATÃ

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