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Yasaman Sharifzadeh_

Yasaman Sharifzadeh | Iran

Media Artist. Hybrid Art / Embedding code art and machine learning to life NFTs, Collectible Digital Art.


Persepolis city | 2021

Time is a simple one-way road and yet religion, science and philosophy have all been introducing their own version of its definition. Interestingly time is used as various measuring tools in corporate world, science and performing arts and AI is now probably intending to take a big leap of using this precious, one way and single chance gift of time. Time is a continuous sequence of happenings and events with no intention of looking back. The chunk we take, focuses on determining the sequence and length of events, or the time interval between them, as well as measuring the rate at which matters change materially relative to conscious experience. 
The aim of this project is to challenge the audience's sensory and empirical perception and describe the most important events and fundamental stages in the development of the planet Earth from its formation to the present day and how space changes over time to its continuity in interaction with humanity and culture.
The codified history of human civilization is set in parallel on the axis of time. Places are formed from human experience over time. While living conditions, diversified experiences, battles and cultural forms have led to creation of diverse civilization and scenery across the planet. 
Plenty of urban settlements have formed over time and we hereby have selected one of the oldest and significant cultural symbols from a nation once covering many lands across many timelines while illustrating physical changes along the stretch of time using data based on cultural, historical and atmospheric conditions and changes with tools provided by computational creativity of neural networks. It is then portrayed as an interdisciplinary work of art, with a combination of music that symbolizes the culture of the area.

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