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Syporca Whandal_

Syporca Whandal  | Hungary

Syporca Whandal (1977-), visual artist, performer She is the founder of SkhyzoKhyno Studio, and a member of the L1 Association, GLOBAL ART International Project, Hungarian Electrographic Art Association of the Zuriel Waise music formation. Her works in the visual, performative and musical fields show the maturity of experimentation, and thus its fragmentation and at the same time its excitement, in which he uses the interoperability of genre boundaries and the combination of technical means. Its most important solo national exhibitions are in the Kinetic Ákom-Bákom Hungarian Workshop Gallery (Budapest, 2017), Nude RE-CON-TOUR in Hungarian Workshop Gallery (Budapest, 2018), Pataphysics Bakelit Multi Art Center (Budapest, 2019), Ecce Homo - Reload! / Pataphysics PH21 Gallery in the Project Room (Budapest, 2019), PLACENTA Hungarian Workshop Gallery (Budapest, 2020), as a part of the Budapest Photo Festival, Monotonization Demonstration in Liget Gallery (Budapest, 2021), Vákuum in the Hungarian Workshop Gallery (Budapest, 2021). She has participated in several domestic and international group exhibitions and festivals, including the kArton Gallery INSPIRAL Stickers @ cardboard exhibition (Budapest, 2016), the MODEM at the Antiengszer extra exhibition (Debrecen, 2017), and the Satura Art Gallery at the Eroticamente exhibition (Genoa, Italy, 2017), in the B32 Gallery at the MET Stickers exhibition (Budapest, 2017), in the PH21 Gallery at the CorpoRealities exhibition (Budapest, 2018), in the 2B Gallery at the Common Jam exhibition in connection with the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival (Budapest, 2018), at the Palazzo Velli Expo at the Digital Art Factory (Rome, Italy, 2018), at the Shonan International Abstarct Art Exhibition GLOBAL ART Project & Art WALL at the SZK Gallery (Chigasaki, Japan, 2018, 2019, 2020), SOBOBADE Gallery at the GLOBAL ART Project exhibition (Dakar, Senegal, 2019), the Transart Communication Festival (Érsekújvár, Slovakia, 2018, 2019), Perfoartnet ArtPerformance International Biennial of Performance, Bogota Kolumbia (2018). The Ludwig Museum with the “Slow Life. Radical everyday life” exhibition (Budapest, 2020), Ludwig Museum Koblenz “Slow Life. Radical everyday life” exhibition (Koblenz, Germany, 2021).


COPIA | 2021

COPIA copy: copia, coops (copy : abundance) com - (together) + opis, ops (wealth) ... from here I rely on free association, as the graphics (photos) of the L1 (s) IZP-style portrait series dissolve into spaces, stories, demanding an aura with their perceived and real qualities. They are looking for intimate eye contact, giving a glimpse of what can no longer be fixed with technology, it is only imaginable. They let me play... Copia is a one-piece book object that was joined L1danceFest 2021 – 20 years as a traveling exhibition! events. Video animation: Syporca Whandal Photo series: Syporca Whandal Music: Zuriel Waise (Simon Lázár Baján + Syporca Whandal)

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