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Ricardo Nolasco | Brazil.


Ricardo Nolasco is a cabaret artist, performer, director, tarot reader, writer, screenwriter, poet of presence, situationist, professor of performing and performing arts and flâneur. Graduated in Performing Arts at UNESPAR/FAP, he is taking a master's degree at UNIRIO with the research Cabaretturgy: how do you register cabaret? Co-founder of Selvática Artistic Actions (Curitiba/PR) and ULC (Free University of Charlatanism). Together with other artists, he organizes the cultural program of Casa Selvática, where he develops the continuous practice of Reinventing Cabaret. In his work, a border art with reference to the theater of variety stands out, the transubstantiation of classical works and the occupation of public spaces. Art and life on the edge of crunching, shattering.


América? No soy América. | 2020.

Voice of Montserrat Angeles Peralta y Clara Cuevas written and organized by Montserrat Angeles Peralta Clara Cuevas Ricardo Nolasco Gabriel Machado y Thania Paulinni during the residency La Reinvención del Cabaret - 17th Festival Internacional de Cabaret - 2019.


Momo: Para Gilda com Ardor (ritos/rotas de quarentena) | 2020.

This is a dead word, born to decompose. It is lethal poison produced by colonies of tireless micro-organisms without leader or boss. Metamorphosis and not allegory. Dust. It's a word that doesn't stick, doesn't conjugate. Grunt. Moans. Snores. Howl. He grumbles. It gnaws. Primal violence. It brings in its pronunciation love to all destruction. Fact. It is a betrayed and treacherous word. Translation. Insufferable, monstrous, inaudible verb. Seismic shock. Horror word. Fruitless. I hate tradition, the whole crisis of representation. act and

not stand. Explosion. 

Editing materials from the tarot in process route "Momo: for Gilda with ardor".

Performance: Ricardo Nolasco

Audio: Jo Mistinguett

Videos: Alan Raffo, Gabriel Machado, Gabriel Comicholi, Luciano Faccini and Thiago Berreza Benites.

Voices: Leonarda Glück, Luana Raiter, Má Ribeiro, Sarah Guerreira, Stefano Belo and Ricardo Nolasco.

Acknowledgments: Curitiba Mostra - Espaço Cênico.

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