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Monica Améndola_

Monica Améndola | México

Brazilian photographer based in Mexico, I began my artistic training in 2012. My creative process is driven by a constant curiosity about the world around us, motivated by the energetic need to capture something new. I am interested in delving into family archives, as tools of inspiration for photographic projects, as I like to explore themes such as memories, scars, and identity. Currently, I am approaching experimental photography, applying data bending techniques to induces glitches.



Hysteresis | 2021 | digital processes, glitch

In this experimental project, I applied a data bending process to get the glitch effect. Using Notepad ++, I added the information (from the source code) of an image corresponding to a childhood memory to the source code of an image from present day, causing a corruption of the original image. The image of the present, a self-portrait, thus contains a visual irregularity caused by interference from the past. Like in real life, where our memories and recollections alter our vision of the world. Finally, I added a QR code to the resulting image, through which it is possible to “access" the remembrance that it is causing the distortion, like a window to the black box of our memories.

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