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Leonardo Matsuhei_

Leonardo Matsuhei | Brazil

Artist with a bachelor's degree in visual arts from UNESP (São Paulo) who maintains parallel research in musical composition, sound art, painting and digital art.
In 2015, with musician Felipe Vilasanchez and in partnership with Estudiofitacrepe-sp, he released the EP χZION  and in 2020 he released his first solo album GION, which features compositions that explore formal and narrative possibilities in the interaction between musical elements and soundscapes.
Since 2021, Matsuhei has participated as a collaborating artist in the BANANAL project, an independent art space located in the Barra Funda - São Paulo - Brasil, neighborhood.



Studio Downtown  | 2022 | fotogrametria

Studio Downtown is a counterintuitive, utopian projection of a virtual environment made from imagery of the downtown area of São Paulo. The elements modeled through photogrammetry are recombined, generating a space that does not exist in the actual physical world.
In the fiction insinuated by the work, the real estate sales pavilions appear as perennial constructions in the urban scenario, thus creating a metaphorical image of an idealized bankruptcy of the neoliberal project of the city, whose logic of space exploration, through financial speculation and privatization, is on the way to also dominate the imagination about the development of a future metaverse.

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