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Marta Di Francesco_

Marta Di Francesco | London based

Marta Di Francesco is a new media artist based in London, exploring new aesthetics, merging poetics with code.

She investigates digital identity and its fragmentation, exploring and questioning it through digital bleed, time displacement, video processing, and the sculptural quality of time in volumetric aesthetics.

The poetics in her practice refers to an existential, conceptual and critical approach, that can be both intimate and radical. Through her practice she is preoccupied with the right to time, slowness and time consciousness, as a form of resistance, in times of speed, acceleration and distraction. In her work, she explores liminality, as the physical and virtual world merge and fade into one another, and these moments of transition and displacement, and the constant - ad infinitum - self mirroring of the metaverse, create new temporalities.

Sibyl | Videoart | 2021


Sibyl is a piece exploring the self-fulfilling prophecy of prediction. Created using volumetric capture and GAN, it explores the concept of intentionality and questions the looping mirroring of AI predictability and machine learning, not as a predictive tool but as a consolidation engine. In Greek mythology, Sibyl was a prophetess, an oracle, a seeress; usually female, acting as the “mouth and voice of God”; in an uncanny resemblance with the making of AI assistants by Silicon Valley: from Eliza, the first chatbot invented in 1964, to Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Mica, to Google latest AI, Meena. In uncertain, dark and anxious times, prediction and hindsight are precious. As machine learning allows artificial intelligence to make faster, “better” predictions, we can argue that these are a mirror in a mirror, rather than a prediction. Sibyl performs a repetitive dance in which every movement starts and ends in the same way, in a mirroring loop.

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